Turin: Visiting the real ‘City of Devils’.

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve just returned from a research trip to this fascinating city. (Thanks to Lesley Reeves at Southsea Travel for organising it.) Every time I go there I find something new to marvel at. Here are five ‘magical’ facts about the place that you may not be aware of.
One: The city forms part of two triangles: the white magic triangle with Lyon and Prague and the black magic version with London and San Francisco. In the novel there is one fairly obvious reference to this but I wonder if you can find the second one, hidden in the text.
Two: The city is reputed to be the location of the gates of Hell itself. They are said to be found beneath a statue (see the cover and the beginning of the book) located in the Piazza Statuto. Here, many years ago the Romans would execute their condemned and bury them. Later it was the site of Turin’s Gallows. In the novel…let’s just say they live up to their name for one person.
Three: Don’t tell Dan Brown but the Holy Grail is supposed to be buried in the city, beneath the Chiesa Gran Madre di Dio. In front of the Church can be found a couple of statues, Faith and Religion, which are said to be connected to the prophecies of one of the city’s famous former residents, Nostradamus.
Four: Not only can you find your way to Hell here but if you look carefully you can also find your way to infinity, the door to which is located beneath the Angelica Fountain in the Piazza Solferino.
Five: Another door – this time allegedly created by the Devil. This large wooden door with its ornate carvings can be found in the Via XX Settembre. It appeared overnight in 1675 and is said to be Satan’s own handiwork.
This is just a selection of spooky locations in this atmospheric city…but there are a whole host of other things. It really is a great place to visit.


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