Jimmy Savile

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like most people of my age Jimmy Savile formed part of the backdrop to my childhood. I never liked him much although not for the reasons that have recently emerged. I found his whole persona contrived and rather wearisome. Now of course he is better known for his predatory sexual activities and there is much handwringing/soul searching, particularly in media circles, about how he could have got away with so much for so long. Enquiries are being set up and new victims seem to emerge almost daily.
The consensus seems to be that we lived in a different world then, where this sort of behaviour was more accepted than it is now, or at least not really discussed. I think that this is undoubtedly true. I met up with some school friends last weekend and we were discussing some the things that went on or were talked about when we were teenagers. All sorts of inappropriate behaviour from adults towards children seemed to have been stoically tolerated.
The question is this. Are we being complacent to think that this no longer happens? Can we really be sure? Have attitudes changed so much? This, perhaps, should be the focus of any enquiry – not so much the past – the man is dead and no longer a threat. Instead we should be looking at the present to ensure that such things can no longer happen. It isn’t something that we can really afford to take for granted if we want to ensure that children are adequately protected from predators like Savile. To assume that he was an isolated phenomenon of the 70s and 80s would be, in my view, a dangerous step.


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