New author – slightly disillusioned by sock puppetry allegations.

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

I thought that a line could be drawn for the moment re: sock puppetry but the debate continues. The many and various discussions had left me, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, a little disillusioned and a tiny bit depressed. I had not realised that the writing world had people in it who would stoop so low in order to sell their work. Probably naive of me, I suppose  – dishonourable behaviour seems to have infiltrated every other walk of life – and my other profession – academia – is no different. But still, somehow it always manages to take me by surprise. Now I am a little bit apprehensive about what is to come,particularly in relation to online exposure (assuming I get some).

Having said all that, I am reassured by the reaction by many in the writing community – particularly crime writers – who, for the most part, have condemned the practices discussed. Those I have met over the years have always seemed to me to be a friendly and inclusive crowd and I am still looking forward to joining their ranks when my book comes out next year. But that said, given recent events, I am wondering how rife sock puppetry is and how concerned I should be. Watch this space!


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