Sock puppetry – final update and vital Lamb Chop clarification.

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

There have been more sock puppetry accusations and at least one admission and apology. Statements have been issued by 50 writers  ( and the CWA ( condemning the practice. Which, I think, probably should bring things to some kind of a close, for now anyway. Thanks to all those who have investigated this – e.g David Hewson, Mark Billingham and Jeremy Duns. It needed to be done. Now maybe we can all get back to actually writing.

NB For those who are too young to know (you lucky people) Lamb Chop was a 1970s sock puppet of the hosiery variety pictured here with Shari Lewis’ hand up his (or maybe her) behind. Used to be on before Dr Who, as I recall. Those were the days.


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